Aruba AP 5XX Series ConfigurAIDER

Welcome to the Aruba AP ConfigurAIDER

Follow the step by step instructions below to help you build a complete Aruba AP solution.

This step will help you to decide what Access Point you need based on density and application throughput requirements. Click on the Details button for more information on each AP.

Please select an AP and the required quantity below:

When designing a wireless solution, it is vital to consider the position and placement of the access points. Whether it will be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on the wall or attached to a wall box may affect the user experience.

The new AP mounts decrease the gap between the AP and ceiling/wall and work easily with side entry Ethernet cables. These mounts are all metal so heat and discolouration will not be an issue.

When selecting a PoE power source, it is critical to understand the input voltage, maximum power, and maximum data rate that the powered device(s) are expecting.

It is also important to consider the switch PoE budget against total PoE draw of your devices.

PoE switches are always recommended for deployments, especially where more than two devices need to be interconnected.

Aruba Central is a powerful cloud-based network infrastructure management tool designed to simplify the deployment, management and optimisation of your wireless networks.

You can onboard devices, streamline workflows, centralise monitoring and control, view reports, manage alerts, and troubleshoot all on a single platform.

Visitors, contractors and suppliers can access guest Wi-Fi through a customisable enterprise-grade portal.

Central Services tokens give you the ability to activate advanced Central services to any APs subscribed to Central.

There are 4 available Central services:

  1. Guest Wi-Fi
  2. Presence Analytics
  3. UCC
  4. Clarity 

Please note that you will need one Token per Service per AP. For example, if you have 5 APs and want to activate Cloud Guest and Presence Analytics, you will need to purchase 10 Service Tokens. Select the quantity of Service Tokens required.

Software support is included in the Aruba Central Subscription.

At this step, all you need to do is to select your hardware support.

  • Service Main Type: Exchange
  • Service Sub Type: Physical
  • Service Description: 9x5 Next Business Day
  • Provided Support: Replacement
  • Service Response Time: Next Business Day - Replacement
  • Service Location: Service Depot